10 Ways To Attract Eyelash Extensions Clients


Attracting clients in the competitive eyelash landscape may seem like a daunting task for new lash artists. Fear not we have come up with our top 10 proven ways to attract eyelash extensions clients. Your clients are merely waiting for you to reel them in. 

1. Traditional Marketing

Use traditional marketing tactics like direct mail and print to attract your clients. Create business cards, brochures, flyers, targeted mail outs, etc. Create something tangible clients can take with them to pass along.

2. Digital & Social Media Marketing

For those that don't know the primary and secondary lash demographic is around 18-34, which means that they spend most of their days online. Utilize platforms like Facebook, etc. to capitalize on their interest. Publish well thought out content and use beautiful imagery to compliment your content. Besides social media acquaint yourself with SEO, SEM, PPC, Blogs, website and email marketing. The digital landscape is vast, and there are many opportunities to create conversions.

3. Build Partnerships

Network Network Network, find like-minded businesses to build partnerships and cross-promote. Introducing yourself to other companies keeps your business insight, and in mind which can translate into a conversion (sales). You can build partnerships through business card exchanges or through hosting and sponsoring events. If you can budget for a PR team, it would be in your best interest to do so. PR firms can quickly get you the exposure you seek.

4. Offer Free Sets

We spoke a little bit about traditional marketing and one aspect of traditional marketing which is still prevalent today is billboards. Use your close friends as human billboards and advertise your services for free. Let them model your work and ask them to hand out your cards when people inquire about their lashes.

5. Client Referral Programs

Use your clients eagerness for discounts to attract new clients. Create a generous incentive based referral program which encourages your clients to sell your services for you. Word of mouth is still one of the best forms of marketing; Validation from a close friend or relative still weighs more than a word from a stranger online.

6. Discounts

Compared to many other industries our products and tools are relatively cheap, which allows us to be a little more giving with our discounts. Utilize discounts and coupons during slow times to fill in the gaps. Keep in mind that your time is valuable and your discounts serve the purpose of boosting sales.

7. Appearance

You and your space should always appear to be clean and polished. Take special care in having a clean and groomed appearance; after all, we are in the aesthetics industry. Your space should mimic your presentation and be comfortable and relatively devoid of scents.

8. Contests

Give your brand a little bit of personality and create contests and giveaways. Contests attract new and old clients and compliment your marketing tactics. You can ask clients to take actions to qualify for your contests or giveaways that benefit your overall goals. For example, you can invite clients to like and share your posts which broadens your post reach.

9. Wow Them Every Time

Keep learning and perfecting your craft, the trends in the lash industry change rapidly and its imperative to keep up with them. Aftercare knowledge is no longer enough; the science behind your craft is just as important. The integrity of your work relies on the quality of work, and your clients should be wowed every time they open their eyes.

10. Offer different payment methods

Invest in a POS system to allow your clients' multiple payment options. The market's filled with mobile compatible POS systems like card readers. Companies like Moneris also offer low monthly fees to use their wireless debit machines.


Don't forget to share your progress with us.

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