The Dos and Don'ts of naming your beauty business


Picking the right business name can seem very frustrating without a starting point. We have compiled a list of Do's and Don'ts which should help you navigate your search for the perfect business name.

The Do's


The clock is not ticking, give yourself enough time to come up with a name. Brainstorming will help the process and provide you with tons of choices. (Fun fact: It took us four months to come up with RAERE)

Think outside the box, pick a name that is creative, unique and unforgettable. You want people to remember your company by merely seeing the title.

Make it meaningful, choose a name that represents your companies values, morals, characteristics and the overall culture that you want your business to embody.

Simplicity is always the best policy; your business name should be simple, easy to pronounce and not overly complicated to spell. You want your customers to find you effortlessly.

Test Test Test, ask your friends and family for constructive criticism. Jot down their favourites and move towards the final steps.

Break the language barrier, explore words and phrases from foreign languages, you might be able to find a meaningful name the rolls off the tongue.

Length matters, shorter is not always better, but in this case, shorter names are easier to remember. Finding names under six characters might prove challenging, but its worth a shot.

Is the name available? Check for the availability of the name you've chosen through domain name search. Brace yourself this step may be challenging.

Expert help please, enlist in professional advice if you have the resources that allow for it. The process will be much quicker, and painless.

The Don'ts


Don't be boring, don't pick a name that is not memorable.

Don't over complicate things, don't select a name that requires superior intellect to decipher the meaning.

Do not box yourself in; your business should have the ability to grow in multiple directions. Many companies start out one way and somewhere along the road the vision shifts, and it becomes something completely different in its entirety. 

So you chose a bad name, don't be stubborn, regroup and change it.

Don't be a copycat, do not copy or choose names that are too similar to other known companies. You will cause your customers confusion, and you might find yourself in legal hot water.

Do not use puns or offensive phrases unless the industry you are in highly favours cheekiness.

Do not choose names based on current pop trends; trends seem to die down, and you don't want to look silly or outdated.

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