Do I need to be an Aesthetician to take your training?

Depending on the country, State,and Province you reside in rules and regulations may vary, and it will be your responsibility to educate yourselves on the requirements. For the time being in Ontario you have the option of becoming an Eyelash Technician with or without an Aesthetician license. With that being said a licensed Aesthetician may pick up the concepts and techniques a bit quicker because of there experiences in the beauty industry

How much do Eyelash Technicians make

This depends entirely on how you market yourself, your geographical location and whether or not you work for yourself or for a salon. Please do keep in mind we strongly believe no full sets should be priced under $100. To better understand your income potential please view the projected income on our training page.

How many clients can I do with a standard tray of eyelash extensions?

1 case of lashes approximately has between 3000-4000 individual lashes. On average technicians use 80 lashes per eye for a full set which averages just under 20 clients per case. Please do take into consideration that you require different sizes in order to create the best looks for your clients.


Can I resell products offered on your site?

Of course! Please feel free but only RAERE branded products. The other brands may not want there products resold without their immediate knowledge or permission.

What Kinds of materials are used in your lashes

Our lashes are comprised of synthetic yarn fibres that imitate real fur. We generally prefer Faux mink because of its curl, colour and for medical reasons.

Is there a difference between synthetic Silk & Mink eyelash extensions

In short, quality. Lashes manufactured using higher quality materials are labeled mink and those that are slightly less are labelled silk. The quality indicators are the resemblance to the ideal natural lash. Premium mink Lashes are dark, curled to perfection and soft to touch.

How can I get MSDS information

Easy, head over to our contact page, fill out the contact form and detail which products you require MSDS for.

Where should I store my adhesive

Please store your adhesives in a cool, dry and dark place such as a fridge.


My client has sensitive eyes and or has many allergies

If a client voices concerns or has a history of sensitivies or allergies have them come to the appointment 24 hours early in order to administer a patch test.

What is an eyelash Extensions patch test

The patch test is a allergy / sensitivity test that helps determine whether a client is a good candidate for eyelash extensions. You administer a patch test by placing a few lashes on the outer corner of your potential clients eyes 24hrs before the appointment. The rule of thumb is if your client contacts you within the 24hrs because they feel discomfort then you will have to kindly let them know that they are not the best candidate for eyelash extensions. Now you can try a few days later with a more sensitive glue, which may not necessarily work. The sensitive glues are typically made with the same ingredients just with a lesser concentration. Variations of the patch test (not recommended as most North american grade adhesives are not manufactured for skin use) inside of wrists behind the ears.

Do I need Magnifying Glasses

Yes! In order not to strain your eyes a mild magnification will be required. Not to mention Your naked eye may miss a few lashes during an application.