Carbon Mask - RAERE
Professional and disposable carbon activated face mask for eyelash extensions application designed to protect you from adhesive fumes, pollen, dander, dust, dirt chemical fumes and vapours.
Disposable Jade Stone Covers - RAERE
Used to cover the Jade Stone for easy client-up. 60 pieces per pack.
Eyelash Extensions Adhesive Container - RAERE
Our airtight vacuum seal lash adhesive storage container protects your adhesives from humidity, heat, light and other elements that may affect the longevity of your adhesives. We recommend placing the adhesives in our storage containers then place them in your...
Eyelash Extensions Organizer Box - RAERE
RAERE'S acrylic eyelash extensions storage box (Lash Box) was  designed to keep your lashes and tiles neat and organized. It includes 10 tiles which each feature numbers and lines to help you stay on top of your lash game.
Eyelash Mirror - RAERE
RAERE's Eyelash Mirror is great for viewing your clients lashes front the front without having your clients open their eyes.
Fan - RAERE - pink
This portable mini air conditioning system (fan) is the perfect accessory to take with you on the go, or add to your office.
  • pink
  • blue
Magnifying Glasses - RAERE
Magnification glasses are used to magnified client eyelashes. 
Mannequin Head - RAERE
This mannequin head is perfect for practicing and mastering your eyelash technique.
Practice Eyelash Patch
Use for beginner eyelash technicians
RAERE'S Classic Kit provides all products to actively begin an eyelash extension business. Optimized to provide services for up to 50-70 clients.  This Kit can be personalized at the request of the client. Please contact our customer love team for more information.  ...
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