10 Tips for choosing the best eyelash extensions training

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We get it! There are so many brands, independent trainers, salon schools and online training courses that offer eyelash extensions training and the option are limitless. The task may feel daunting and overwhelming but finding the right fit requires merely a few simple questions.

Here at RAERE, we are firm believers in sharing knowledge, and we have compiled a list of critical questions that we believe future lash artists should consider when looking for Eyelash Extensions Training.

1. How long is the training?

On average, future Eyelash Artists or technicians should look for courses that offer 2-3 days of training with an average of 6-8 hours of class.

2. What will my course cover?

Your class should cover theoretical works and hands-on training that mirror real life salon practice. Classes should also focus on introducing business concepts as well as marketing. Another neat trick is to ask the school of your choice for an outline of their curriculum.

3. How much hands-on training will I receive?

Pay attention to the amount of time you will train on a model or mannequin. Ideally, you will want to spend more time on actual hands-on training then theory.

4. What is the student to teacher ratio?

Here at RAERE, we believe the student to trainer ratio should not go above a maximum of 1:5. We like to cap our students at 3 to allow for more supervision and interactions between trainers and students. Companies that tend to have larger classes usually have a principle trainer and assistants to help oversee the training.

5. What are the costs associated with my training?

In today market Eyelash Extensions courses range from $1000 - $1800 as costs vary from company to company. Besides costs, the company should reveal the content of your kit as well as their points of differentiation are.

6. What are my lash educators’ credentials?

Anybody can become a trainer due to lax regulations in Canada; therefore, it is imperative that you ask for your trainers' certificate, portfolio, and past students work.

7. What kind of credentials will I receive after completing my eyelash extensions course?

Most places will offer a certificate but be wary of same day certifications unless you are merely refreshing your knowledge.

8. Where will my training take place?

Training can virtually take place anywhere, but most often they are in salons, training centres, hotel conference rooms, etc. Independent trainers may train at their homes in a dedicated lash room.

9. What other classes do you offer?

Education is a continuous journey, and it's always a good sign when the company has other complementary courses to upgrade your skill sets and add to your knowledge bank.

10. What kind of post-training support will I receive?

Look for classes that offer free refreshers and continuous technical, business and marketing support. Lash Artists need to remember that taking the course is the first step and there is much more work to be done.

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  • Posted on by Grace S

    I have never really thought to ask about my trainers credentials. I always accepted what was being told to me. Luckily all my trainers were great but this was eye opening. Thanks Raere. Where are you guys located?

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